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The AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56 mm semi-automatic assault rifle (meaning, a rifle that can fire individual bullets as fast as the trigger can be squeezed) that has become the gun of choice for customization and innovation. First built by ArmaLite in 1957, and later sold to Colt, this military-style weapon has become the most popular gun of choice in America, capable of firing a bullet at nearly 3,000 feet-per-second. Even its pricing has been tantamount to its infamy, with prices hovering at around $2,500 per rifle amidst gun control fears. Still, its average price has lowered to around $800-$1,000 in 2013, with expectations of another surge unlikely.
According to an NSFF survey in 2011, an average buyer of the AR15 will purchase 2.6 rifles and will spend around $350 in accessories. That is the true advantage of the AR-15: its ability to be customized and tinker within itself — to the point of allowing customers to make their own rifles— allows even more versatility to its class. It makes the AR15 look itself, rather than a potentially deadly weapon, like a gadget that deserves to be customized and shaped within. Optics, flashlights, laser sights, dozens of grip styles lock sizes and personalized components are only but a fraction of what can be done with the weapon of choice for hunters and gun enthusiasts.
This rifle also accepts a wide range of calibers: .233 Remington, .50 Beowulf, 300AAC, and 6.5mm Grendel, among many more. It also has the advantage of being able to interchange parts and accessories, like a 1/2-28" thread to incorporate different types of muzzles and suppressors. With these and more AR15 for sale, why not take a jump and see the extraordinary power of this amazing rifle?